Thursday, February 10, 2005

Royal Hypocrisy- Price Charles to mary Camila Parker Bowles

Its been announced that Prince Charles Heir to the throne of England is to marry Camila Parker Bowles his lover. So what ? you may ask. Its their personal decision and we have no right to question it. Ofcourse yes but for the old fasioned Church law which says that if either partners were divorced( Which both of them are) and if their relationship had exsisted before the divorce (which both have admitted) which would lead one to beleive that the relasionship was the cause of divorce, then they cannot be married in the Church. Now the problem is if and when Charles becomes King he would automatically become Head of Church so much for Church laws.

But that is not which provoked me into posting this, It was the endorsement by Arch Bishop of Kantebury which really pushed me into writing this. One law for commoners one for royalty aint that hypocrisy ?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

IIT results out

It has been a mixed day as the iit's have come out with their shortlist for GD/PI
Got through IIT-KGP(VGSOM) but was eliminated by IIT-D. The iit-d result has been suprising considering the fact that last time the had given out calls to people with ranks up to 900. this time I think the cutoff rank has been around 500

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Security concerns for Pak at Ahmedabad-Real Politick

A delegation from Pakistan had come to India to inspect the security arrangements on the eve of the Indo-Pak Cricket series. In its report it has asked the Indian cricket board to shift the venue of a test match Ahmedabad outside the state of Gujarat. Gujarat the last bastion of the Hindu nationalist BJP, scene of the ghastly and systematic murder of Moslems in the aftermath of the Godra riots. Then are the concerns of the Pak deligation are just? Yes as moslems the Pak team and the Pak cricketing fans may not be comfortable to play on land where their berthen were so mercilessly butchered, they could be fearfull. I guess their sensitivities must be respected.

However often in matters such, as these not every thing is black and white. One must remember that just a few months ago Indians refused to play in Karachi. Also the CM of Gujarat had taunted the Pak president as “Miya Musharaf “ during his vicious election campaign. So security may not be the real reason as I cannot imagine any one attacking the pak team. The delegation may have had more of Real Politick in their mind when they gave their report.

Monday, February 07, 2005

CAT 2K5 Aspirants- Good News

The IIM's have deided to increase their intake and atleast IIM-B has decided to raise its intake for PGP courses. 2K5 aspirants now we need to redouble our efforts to make it into iim's

for more details abt the increase in its intake

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Presence of mind

Well now that most of the major B-School results are out (with the exception of JBIMS) its that time of the year when you abruptly remember how tough it is to prepare for GD and PI. Suddenly bawl out to who ever would listen to you "clearing the entrance test was a piece of cake and the real test was in clearing the interviews". Now heart of heart we all know that its a load of junk and that both the stages are equally tough. Any way I was going through some of the experiences of students who have had the privelage to attend the dreaded GD/PI already. Occasionally you come across a out of ordinary performance. On such experience that teaches us the importance of Presence of mind.

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During my encounters with various people whom I accost with demands for Interview tips, I sometimes come across incredible stories of taking risks and getting returns. I met one such survivor two days ago.

This guy had been called for the FMS (Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi Univ) interview, which also consists of an extempore speech (All of you know, I believe, that the pronunciation of ex-tempore is eks-tem-p-uh-ree. I learnt this only on this occasion.) The FMS people are notorious for giving quirky extempore topics, which may range from anywhere across economics, geography & history. I know of topics like 'Jallianwala Bagh' and 'The Fire is Raging' being given. So you can never be sure what you may be saddled with.

Now, this guy was given the topic, 'Gupta Empire'. He stood there dumbfounded for around 10 seconds, at last deciding that he'll never recall enough information to last the one minute which is the minimum required time for the extempore. So, with a brilliant flash of insight, he began, "The Gupta Empire was started in 1980 by .... and it is yet to reach its zenith ..." and so on. He was selected.

His name is Sumit Gupta.