Friday, March 11, 2005

Thala Rajni Strikes back

After one controversy after another and BABA being a big flop there were question marks over thala Rajini's neumero uno position in the hearts and minds of Tamil people. Looks like he was written off by some people early.

Good news guys reading this review looks like, Chandramukhi may indeed bring back the glory days.

Am going to buy the cassette today. last year after buying Baba cassette I gave it to class mate Hari Menon an never asked for it to be returned, because in spite of all the hype found most of the songs (with a few exceptions) sucked.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Applied for a new Job

Before you jump to conclutions let me clarify "No I am not planning to leave HCL, atleast rigth now".

Well after much procastination finally I have applied for a new Job at as a Developer for a opensource project JarInspector. At least I will have the feeling of contributing some thing back to the free sofware group who have helped me learn so much in the past few days. I dont know if my application will be accepted but lets wait and see. If not I will have to look for another Job opening. :smile

Also had an appreciation mail from a guy from Infosys for helping him out in using an opensource project Mandarax.

From: Rahul Dolas [mailto:Rahul_Dolas AT]
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 5:48 PM
To: Rajagopal.M, ISDC Chennai
Subject: RE: [Mandarax-user] problem regarding the ordering of the knowledgebase

Bravo Rajgopal!

That was really a great piece of code.

I have just executed the code and got the desired results!

I also went through it's implementation, that was really a great logic!


felt good and has motivated me to help out others more, may be will look at solving a Bug in Mandarax project soon if I get time. will see how things work out very soon will this spark of an idea peter out or will it lead to a raging fire........