Sunday, August 14, 2005

Trust the lost virtue:

Change is the only constant in this world they say and naturally human behavior and values are no exceptions. Yet one expects these changes to take time and be gradual. One change that has quickly unraveled itself before my eyes very quickly is the lost of trust. Nobody seems to trust any one who is a stranger. I am not able to park bike with the keys on it walk to a side store and ask for directions without looking back 10 times to see if the bike was stolen or give any one a lift in the night without thinking that he may be a bandit or worse he may be a guy carrying a AIDS infected needle ready to insert into my back
The last idea came from a chain mail I received from a so called friend. Other mails include infected needles in theatre seats, transparent mirrors with video cams in hotel bathrooms, fake ATM machines , drugs in your drinks while partying etc etc.

I mean some of these could have happened once in the history of mankind but should these affect the way we live. Extending the argument (The connection may not be obvious) a bit further the Good Samaritan act is good isn’t it sad that it has to be dejure and not defacto.