Thursday, July 07, 2005

AIM.COM Yet another free email site

AIM (I guess it's the acronym for AOL Instant Messenger) the latest to offer free e-mail service. I registered for the service yesterday at First things first the look and feel is cool and it offers 2 GB of inbox size that beats all other e-mail service save Google's Gmail.
Why did I register?
1. Its new, the curiosity factor
2. My Hotmail account was too small at 2 MB and practically unusable. When I attempted to contact Hotmail and make them see reason I got this reply
I understand your need to have a larger storage space.

As indicated in the recent communication you received, your account ( is scheduled for upgrade within the next few months. Although we would like to be able to upgrade you now, we are unfortunately unable to do so. With over 200 million customers worldwide, this upgrade is taking some time. We do apologize that we have not been able to upgrade you at this point in time as we continue to work on the storage rollout.

MSN remains committed to ensuring all customers worldwide are increasingly satisfied with Hotmail, as it is the world's most popular free Web-based e-mail service. Upgrading storage is just one feature we are working on to improve the service. Additional features have included providing all free customers worldwide with free anti-virus scanning and cleaning protection, and adding free access to MSN Calendar.

You are valuable at MSN and we look forward to providing you with consistent and effective service. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to write back.


Rachel V.
MSN Hotmail Technical Support
Ok that?s it Hotmail at this age of competition that wont do, I?m looking elsewhere.
3.Yahoo mail : The look and feel sucks and I get lot's of spam
4. Rediff mail : Its used for some subscription and its hard to keep track of mails in there
5. Gmail: Its good but 1 mail id is not sufficient and it does not work with Firefox. I occasionally use fire fox.
So that?s it I needed another account. I could have got one more from any of the existing service provider but Reason no 1 made me go with AIM.
1. Look and feel is cool
2. It claims to prevent spam lets see.
3. Its got English spelt wrong in this page and that to under UK (I know it's a bit rich coming from me but every dog has its day :) )
4. The sweepstakes contest is valid for only US citizens. Then why did you send that mail to me (:angry). You guys took my country name when I registered.
Go sign up for an account today.
I am making this post via email again. My last post from Hotmail sucked lets see how AIM performs

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Reflections What I want?

Ah! long time since I blogged. That�s mainly because work was getting hectic
or so I thought. But that was then and now things are back to normal. Plenty
of time to write a load of crap, met up with some o�l timers, Mohan and
Pranesh yesterday. Well imagine calling guys with whom you went to college
just last year old timers. Somehow that�s the feeling I got. Work has
changed me a lot, in a sense I like to think I am more mature and
responsible than I was a year back. It has meant that I am no longer the
same care free child I was a year back. In that sense my mates then are old
timers now. Those were the days but now I have moved on and am in no doubt
that they have moved on too. The change is starker in Pranesh�s case. On
some issues I hardly recognize him any more. I am afraid whether this change
is for real or is there an element of youthful naivety that makes him
exaggerate and boast or is it that he has really moved on so much in a span
of 6-7 months. That said on the whole the core Pranesh i.e. Pranesh my
friend remains the same, am thankful for that and am proud to have a friend
like him, though in some respects he has outgrown me or left me behind so to

Mohan too has changed but these changes are not so dramatic and can say that
he is moving along at my pace. In that sense I am more comfortable with the
new Mohan. He is now living away from his family in Bangalore. That�s a
first for him; this has brought a good change in him. He is no longer as shy
as he used to be and of course he was always the most responsible and mature
among the three of us and continues to be so. I wonder if it would do me
more good if I try living in a mansion for a month or two just to get the
feel of the real world may be that�s exactly what I need.

Am a bit confused on what I am and what I need to be. I guess its time for
me to reflect and spend more time on how to shape my future. I guess I can�t
continue to let my life drift the way I have let it for the past 9 months.
Let me see what goal I am able to zero in on that can sustain my interest
long enough to work for and achieve. I hope this blog to be a witness to my
pledges and the force that will bind me to work hard for them.

Life needs to change soon