Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bookmarking made easy: Google notebook

Google has done it yet again :), Some companies always manage to surprise you when you least expect it, google is one such company. Of late I have taken to reading stuff online a lot. So much so that nowadays I spend close to 5 hrs a day doing just that. The problem with that is keeping track of the stuff you like with the many interesting things that you keep stumbling across all the time. Till date I was using to help manage information that I like, Not elegant but simple and powerful I thought. However its popup windows were a little irritating. It also could not handle images or text that form parts of web pages or handle links that google search throws up. I should never have looked beyond google it seems

Today I discovered the power of
Google Notebooks
Google Bookmarks
Google Toolbar
which when combined with Google Reader, Google Desktop and ofcourse Google Search deliver the best browsing experience I've ever had. Google rocks :d