Thursday, October 11, 2007

Philosophy of flattery and stupidity

Often the most profound observations are made during the most meaningless conversations. Today was one such day...

On the way back to the hostel with Tikku we noticed a flirt giving some codswallop to two females that went along these line

Guy:Its so much fun when you are around. After you left we were so bored yaa.
Girls: Giggle-Giggle now we are together only no.?
Guy: Guffaw!!!....blah-blah (perhaps already thinking about whom to target next)

Dazed by what I had just heard, I turned around and made a remark that in hindsight was slightly sexist...
How come the flirts so sure that the girls are stupid enough to buy such tripe?
Tikku being tikku made me realise my folly immediately with this gem
Stupid are those who are stupid. Stupid are those who think stupid are not stupid

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are you one of those MBA students with work-ex? Ever wondered if you made the right choice in leaving that plush job in IT to join the B-School of your dreams??? The roi calculator from NITIE should help you decide :d