Thursday, January 20, 2005

A promising weekend lying ahead

Well finally things seem to be shaping up, and it seems to be a busy but satisfying week end for me.
This saturday there will be 2 firsts for me

1. I will go directly to MctM school and do some volunteering, to help organize the 48th Gita competition. The Egmore Sanskrit School is doing a great job organizing the event. More than 1000 competitors from all age groups will participate. Though I have been doing some behind the scene work like CD- copying, maintaining databases of volunteers , judges and participants, sending emails and taking print outs for last 3 years, I will go directly to the event for the first time. Hopefully the event is atleast as sucessfull as the previous years.

2. There is gong to be the chennai PG meet to decide on how to take forward an idea (To do some social service) that has been languishing for some time now. I would like to comend fellow PGite simon for giving the idea a new lease of life. After many false starts hopefully this time we set the ball rolling. The mumbai wallas and hyderabadis may have stolen the lead but better late than never. For more details on the initiative visit

Monday, January 17, 2005

When is your Boss scolding you?

Well this is a real life incident and to be honest it is my experience. It is for the uninitiated (Those like me who are fresh out of college and are working in the corporate environment for the first time), take note and beware if you ignore this warning it would be to your detriment.

Me: Excuse me, you wanted to meet me.
X: Sit down… Did you do some study about the product I had asked you to.
Me: No I had some probs accessing the net…
X: Dint I tell you to use some one else machine.
X: See (Shows email from X’s boss) my boss is asking me if I had done some follow up on his earlier mail asking me to do some research on the product….. You have to understand, if big ppl tell you some thing you have to get back within a day or two.
Me: (Coolly pointed) Well that email (From big boss) is about some other product not relevant to me.
X: Oh…., I must be dreaming. I don’t know what happened….. I am sorry, " some times I may get a bit too harsh and scold you. You must not mind and become afraid of me"…… blah-blah
After this suddenly I was really afraid. Is this what you call scolding? You must understand that for a hardened veteran like me what happened never sounded like scolding, in fact it felt like an amicable discussion, but for the inadvertent mistake by X I would never have found out.
The crucial learning from this incident is that in a corporate environment the slightest hint of some thing being some how unsatisfactory is to be construed as severe criticism and the onus is on you to take corrective measure.
Hopefully after reading this you will know when your boss is actually scolding you.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Charles Graner conviction Justice or Coverup

Specialist Charles Graner Jr was convicted by the millitary tribunal at Texas yesterday on charges of conspiracy, dereliction of duty, maltreatment of subordinates, aggravated assault and indecent acts. He is sentenced to 10 years in prison the highest sentence awarded in the ABU GARIB prisoner abuse scandal so far, so is this proof of american ideals of justice and liberty.....? I think not rather the entire thing is a sham to protet the higher ups, Donald the cruel Rumsfeid and Dick no brains Cheney. To say that Americans dint know about the wide spread abuses and atleast dint tacitly encourage such acts would be naive(and that is a understatement). These were not isolated acts by rouge elements in a highly disciplined army, but a planned strategy by neo conservatives for whom non westeners and non whites are like sheep and donkeys who dont deserve humane considerations.

Hopefully the US public wake up to the reality and 'Do the rigth thing' for which they are so famous for, by bringing pressure on neo cons to mend their ways(and kick rumsfeilds and cheneys out). Then the world will look to the American public with respect. Otherwise the rift will only continue to grow.