Sunday, April 17, 2005

Flashback: A busy few weeks

Phew! a long time since I last posted any thing. Assuredly it has got nothing to do with lack of topics to write on, quite the contrary but last few days have been quite busy. There has not been a single task, which occupied my mind but bit and pieces of many activities, which have kept me busy. First it was a trip to Ooty then some work for a project which I was not supposed to be working on and of course work in my own project. Then there were books to read and servlet tutorials to finish and Cricket matches to watch. The last activity was the most painful India lost the match for the fourth consecutive time and subsequently gifted the series to arch rivals Pakistan (Arch rivals they are atleast in cricket what ever the diplomats may want us to believe).

Apart from these I had to go out with old friends coming to chennai after a year and then there was my cousin passing out from IIM-B and now moving to an I-Bank in Bombay. So when we planned to meet somewhere I realized what a boring place chennai was. We had to chose between movies and movies and movies, wow that’s exciting. Before the die-hard chennaites start gunning for me let me add this yes we have gr8 beaches but in this hot summer that does not sound nearly half as hot. And then there are these coffee shops but some how I don’t feel comfortable there, may be because I always find it hard to pronounce “cappuccinos” or some thing like that correctly and I always drink my coffee’s very quickly. I am learning as I have no choice some times but the people whom I am talking about are equally out of home at coffee shops. Then there are the pool shops but we don’t know nor desire to play snooker not do we have deep pockets to pay for bowling.

So now we have to watch movies which would not sound half as despondent as it does now had the quality of Hindi and Tamil movies been but a little better. What did we see “Black”, “Taka dimi tam” and “Lucky”. Luckily I did not have to endure any more. All I can say is the first does not deserve a Oscar entry from India the second was supposed to be a comedy but only for those who laughed at us when they heard that we watched such a movie. Lastly what’s the use of watching a Salman Khan movie if he will not bare his chest be it in the icy cold settings of St Petersburg (all the more better for the fans I guess).

One interesting incident, scene Abhirami Theater, 3 of us were discussing what movie to watch but the choice was basically between “Taka dimi dam” and “Murder”. Two of us were extremely wary about watching the former as rumours about it had reached our ears but no one we knew directly had to endure it. But the third friend was adamant about it when we questioned him further we discovered the reason. Just the day before he had vetoed his brothers move to watch the later movie saying that he would complain to his mom saying that it was a “BAD movie” south Indians would know what a disaster that would be. And that was our bane any one heard of the Tamil saying, “Tan venai tanai sudum” a loose translation goes as “What you sow so you reap”. Just remember when I vetoed my brother watching “Masti” some time back in Mumbai, did that without realizing my own peril in taking moral high ground I guess.

So that’s how it went, although there is a lot to write about each of these events I may not write much about them unless ofcouse nothing else interesting happens in the coming days. Hope to write more in the next couple of days, really hope I do.

Ps: In case you are wondering how my hits counter is suddenly running @ break neck speed google camila charles.

PPs: Only silver lining in the cricket series was that Gangully was finally dropped albeit some help from ICC.