Monday, September 05, 2005

Logical Inability == Bakra

Today I received an SMS from a friend which went like this

Please help me. I have misplaced my cell phone

And don’t know where to look for it.

Please give a missed call so that I can find it.

It’s very urgent please do it soon

With out thinking for a second I proved what a fool I was by calling the *$&*$&*$&. thinking I’ll have to wait for at least 9-10 rings before the &%&^%*& finds his cell

Alas Instead the next second I got to hear &*$*^$** guffawing on the other end

Moron how can I send an SMS if I did not have my cell

How indeed? So the next time any of you receive such sms let this be a lesson

Ps: Only goes on to show good percentile in LR section does not quite reflect on logical ability or inability rather