Saturday, January 08, 2005

JMET Results out

Finally the much awaited JMET results were declared on the 7th, as per my expectation there was a significant improvement in my performance, compared to last year. My All India Rank was 792 . Though I was expecting a AIR of < 500, will take 792 any day compared to the dismal 3200 last year. Though SJSOM(IIT-Bombay) is ruled out, I am pretty sure to receive a call from other IIT's (atleast going by last years trends). Will be applying to IIT-Delihi and VGSOM(IIT-KGP) and fervently hoping one of them clicks. Also will prob apply to IIT-Madras just to gain some exposure to GD/PI.

Tommorow is XAT and am desperate to crack it join that great B-School XLRI second to none but the IIM's. But taking into cognisance the amount of prep I have put up in the last few weeks I will be happy with a call from XIMB,

After XAT I will be able to focus on work a lot more as there is only TISS left and the exam is in June.

Still hoping agains hope that NITIE will call me, 98.5 in CAT certainly deserves 1 call................

am now going to sleep so that I will be fresh for tommorows XAT, at stella marris reporting time is 9 AM. after the exam am planning to watch Swadesh with Vinodh just to chill out and releive some stress

Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Despair to new Hope the complete cycle traversed

It is just amazing how resilient we human beings are, today morning I was feeling utterly worthless when it become obvious that I would not be getting a call from MDI but it is amazing how in a matter of just 8 hours things change. From that frightening thought of worthlessness to that of new hope all in a matter of 8 hours.

firstly my PM gave me hope that some of us could move on to client projects (guidewire and genre seem to be the most apparent ones but usaa could be the dark horse)at Jan end, while its not doom and gloom for others as they will be joining some eclipse group both of which sound interesting on paper atleast

then after scratching my brain for some time I was able to complete my task for the HAT project in 4 hours its amazing what a bit of challenge can do to your motivation levels

thirdly I have come to realize that being a engineer one cannot give give any excuse for low qa score already I have charted out plans for the next cat (hopefully I make it in jmet or xat but just in case......) probability and geometry will be the focus area, with atleast few hours preparation in the week ends I am sanguine about my prospects for next year especially with 1.5 years workex by then

next even though i feel that a MBA in a top 10 B school is part of my destiny I have realised that it is not the life or death question over which i waste my time brooding over what could have been, when tsunami affected people can move on in life and still look to the future with hope why cant I? and this changed my feelings decisively

but the thing that really made feel great about the day was that pranesh called me today after a long time. I dont even remember his last call must be months ago. Any way I felt as though suddenly there was ligth gushing into that long and dark tunnel that I was in and that brigthness brougth cheer to my heart..... Suddenly I could remember as though It was yesterday the time we spent preparing for cat sitting in the first row and in the middle of a lecture , reading story books(I still dont know if Uday ever got his Harry Potter Book V back which was confiscated by our HOD from pranesh), damaging college property by making paint balls(Iwould love to know if he still had those), copying assignments from Mohan but at the same time cursing him for having completed them in the first place, playing silly games like bingo,x-y,hang man etc . These things may sound silly and trivial but these small things are the ones which bring a genuine smile to your face. and uplift your sprit just hope that we stay in touch more often for I beleive we share a lot in common

so even as I write this post I feel a new lease of anticipation and buoyancy about life. Hopefully this mood can be sustained for some time to come

But the day did have its share of disappointments today I felt that another person whom I respected and felt was my friend (2nd to be precise) was trying to avoid me, though I feel I can guess the reason for it I clearly don't understand it, any way as with the first case I have taken mental notes and will oblige them and sever all personal rapport and links

Euphoria gives way to despair

Yesterday MDI results were declared and even though I have not been able to check my result till now it is becoming increasingly clear (from others who have had their results confirmed from I will miss the call by a whisker(CAT Scores 98.48% DI-99-7%,VA-95.5 & QA-89.31% from ). What makes it frustrating is that people with lower overalls and only slightly higher quants have made it but that's what life is all about. After the CAT results were out in which I was able to boost my score from 94.5 to 98.5 I was on cloud nine so to say (thought that 98.xx was good for Nitie and Mdi with an outside chance of calls from iimk and iimi but it was not to be) but now it is clear that I will have to sit down and take stock of things and plan my future course of action. I had staked my carrer on CAT and given up offers from TCS and CTS for a boring job(to say the least) at HCL-T now I guess I have to pay the price. Yet I am not complaining It was my decision and I still stand by it.